My Issue w/OverWatch’s PvE Mode

My Issue w/OverWatch’s PvE Mode

For those who don’t play Overwatch at all or haven’t played in a while, they’ve released a new game mode in celebration of Halloween, much like how Lucio Ball was in celebration of the Olympics. Whilst I never ‘got’ Lucio Ball, I straight up don’t like this PvE mode. Continue reading “My Issue w/OverWatch’s PvE Mode”


Going Bump in the Night

Ladies, Gentlemen and fictitious readers – welcome one and all! It’s another month on, which means I’ve a brand new podcast to be bringing to your delicate ears. This time we finally were able to bring none other than Frank Mallon on board!…. Yea, no I’ve never heard of him either. Continue reading “Going Bump in the Night”

Waiting on Perfection

I was talking with my partner last night about some of the niggles we have with our own approaches and attitudes towards things like work, self-improvement, and relaxation. One thing that seemed to span across all of those was both of our needs to wait for the perfect moment. Continue reading “Waiting on Perfection”

Pure Evil Podcast

Hello one and all, I’ve returned from the ever bleak¬†recluse life-style of working on multiple projects at once to give an update. You know what they say a blog post a day keeps the… trolls away? voices at bay? Doesn’t especially matter I guess, onward with this months podcast! Continue reading “Pure Evil Podcast”

Breaking Bricks in the Hot Sun

I played a game and… the game won! But moving swiftly on from the lyrical stylings of law-breakers, it’s another month down and that means another classic game being re-made.

Continue reading “Breaking Bricks in the Hot Sun”