Going Bump in the Night

Ladies, Gentlemen and fictitious readers – welcome one and all! It’s another month on, which means I’ve a brand new podcast to be bringing to your delicate ears. This time we finally were able to bring none other than Frank Mallon on board!…. Yea, no I’ve never heard of him either.

Actually Frank and I go back several years to when I tried my hand at game journalism until I basically realised that most “news” sites weren’t actually “news”, they were conjecture, heavily opinion focused even when there wasn’t call for it, and worked off of other sites press releases – e.g. “Oh Eurogamer announced…” “PCGamer got an interview with… who leaked….” and so on.

No I’ve stepped away from Games Journalism thank god, it really wasn’t for me. Regardless though that is where I found Frank Mallon, he has a little intro on the podcast so I won’t spoil it here with writing, I’ll leave it to him. But it was lovely having him aboard and hopefully he’ll be back in the future, and who knows maybe he’ll be there even for more than just the podcast things I have planned.

Anyway this post has gone on long enough as it is, so without any further adieu and there’s been a bunch, here is this months podcast on Halloween!!! (Who saw that one coming?). As usual you can always reach me on Twitter should you want to discuss the role the Illuminati played in Malaysian farming practices through the middle ages (one day someone will take these jokes seriously).


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