Pure Evil Podcast

Hello one and all, I’ve returned from the ever bleak recluse life-style of working on multiple projects at once to give an update. You know what they say a blog post a day keeps the… trolls away? voices at bay? Doesn’t especially matter I guess, onward with this months podcast!

I’ve started a brand new job which has unfortunately meant that the podcast is much later than I’d hoped for, and that the development work on yet another arcade classic is behind schedule. This doesn’t mean however that I’m giving up, I’ve gone from a part-time job to a full-time one and it’s just a case of readjusting to my schedule, and re-finding the time for all those activities such as podcasting, developing, reading, going to the gym, etc.

Thankfully though I’ve managed to get the podcast finished for your listening pleasure, now it is a little bit different than normal. In the past Dave & I have been able to come up with a nice couple ideas and throw them around between each other; this time however we found ourselves talking about how other games handle the theme of “Pure Evil”, so the format is a little different than usual, but we hope you still enjoy it.

Again we’ve kept it short and concise, we know not everyone has time for long podcasts, and we’re just two indie guys, also if you’re anything like me you’ve already got several podcasts in your rotation and never seem to have time to listen to every episode so we want to continue keeping it short and simple for now. Edit down to what we hope are the best and most enjoyable bits.

Next month we will have a guest on the show hopefully, this is someone I know personally, and again is another indie finding their way in the world of game development. We’re very glad to have someone to work with and bounce ideas off, so next month might be a little longer format but until then we’ll just have to wait and see.

Without any further a-do, and there’s already been plenty, here is this months podcast courtesy of MAGS – Pure Evil.

If you enjoy the episode you can find our Episode 1 and Episode 2 podcasts you can find them in the links provided, if you want to reach out on Twitter you can do that also, but finally thanks for actually reading this far, have an awesome day and keep on designing!


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