The Sweet Sound of Podcast

Howdy everyone, and by everyone I mean the very select few who decide my blogs worth reading – yes you’re special, mainly to me and your parents, but more so me right now. I haven’t been around in about 2 weeks and it’s time for some news, but first Podcast stuff!

It’s been a month (roughly) since the last podcast, which also happens to be the first one, check it out here. And this month we’ve got a brand new theme that we wanted to work on and really fleshed out some ideas. As always we try to keep the podcast to 20-25 minutes, you’re busy people and we’re fledgling little devs trying to flap our wings without hitting the pavement too hard.

The jam that we went with this month was the Leo Game Jam, based off the star sign, now personal beliefs about how star signs affect your life (they don’t) aside, this was a fun idea that we were able to run with on 2 very cool ideas, there were a couple more derivative ideas we came up with that were cut from the final show, because we wanted to show off our enthusiasm and hopefully innovation with our other ideas. A lot got cut, like A LOT, and we have been wondering about releasing maybe a larger podcast format, but that’ll be in the sweet distance when we finally find an audience who like these little challenges we set ourselves and want to hear more of the behind the scenes, right now we realise we’re just 2 guys making our way.

So please do enjoy our podcast, if you do we’d love a mention on whatever social media you frequent, leave a comment on here if you want, or contact me over on Twitter, but more than anything just enjoy the dulcet tones of BearZerk & Dave the Iguana.


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