Alive with the Sound of Podcast

A day or so ago I made a post about there being several projects in the pipeline, and one of those was a design podcast hosted by myself and my friend Dave (the same Dave who will be helping with development hopefully come August). I spoke about how we wanted to get 1 to 2 podcasts done a month, and given my hectic schedule right now, we’re sticking with just 1.

Well today is the day that I get to reveal our podcast, it’s not the most polished product, just short and simple and filled with some of our ideas. We did think about putting the whole thing up, but that’d be an hour and a quarter of us un-edited… that’s not an awesome hour and a quarter to spend!

Regardless of how you feel on edit vs unedited, we made this and we would really love to make more going forward. So if you like this article, this blog, the podcast itself, or just what we’re trying to achieve here, then please share our stuff about the place, I’ve a twitter in place so you can always send messages there.

But until next time, here’s our first podcast, thanks for reading, have an awesome day and keep on designing.


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