Good Things Come to Those Who Wait

Howdy! I know I’ve been gone for just short of two weeks so I figure I’d explain myself and my actions. Since we last left off I had just wrapped up work on the snake base game, I hadn’t done any work on the extra parts of the game, sadly this is still true. However I still anticipate on getting the game done by the 1st of next month.

While I haven’t been working on Snake I have been working on several other things in my life some of which are coming to this very blog at some point. The first is I’ve been editing the design podcast that Dave & I recorded, I knew this would be a big undertaking given my current situation but I still did it because I believed it to be an interesting idea to undertake. We’re planning on trying to get at least 1 episode out a month if not 2, so we’re aiming at bi-weekly but otherwise it’ll be monthly. That’ll all be hosted on a soundcloud I’ve made that current has nothing on it, there’s literally a matter of minutes left to edit until I’ve a product I’m happier with and that should be 20-25 minutes long.

That however isn’t the only thing I’ve been working on. I may have let slip on here that I’m also currently undertaking an online course in C++ hosted by Microsoft on the EdX website. Now it’s not a full course, but if you’re new or looking to brush up your skills or memories on C++ I’d definitely advise it. You aren’t really asked to program is the only issue, you’re just given some quite abstract computational rules that are applied to C++, but there are some genuinely helpful things in there about C++. I’ve one last module left in the course to perform and then it’s done, I’ll have a new qualification to my name.

I have made this work harder than it needs to be much like with the podcast by upping the ante. Instead of just working my way through the course, I’ve actually began to work on Project Euler. For those who don’t know Project Euler is a collection of programming problems that really make you think about how to set up logic and structure of a program. Now I’m not far in, I’m only on Problem 3, however I’m sure my fellow coders can appreciate how much thinking time can go into certain elusive solutions. Working on this has been a challenge, it is fun, and I would like to bring my solutions here to discuss them when able. I’m doing it mainly to improve my C++ skills from the module I spoke about above, however I’m a reasonably intelligent man who can think computationally quite well and laterally even better, so the biggest issue I’ve actually faced has been Visual Studio. I have had a couple problems with how I’ve structured the flow of data but really VS15 has had me over a barrel on several issues which has lead to backtracking and re-creating solutions to problems until both the compiler & myself are happy.

Finally, work. Work has kept me busy, you may think all the above is work but it isn’t really. The above is part what I find interesting, what I enjoy doing, what I feel is good for my career, and what will help me get my foot in the door and land the elusive first full time developer job. I’ve been torn between my part time job, all the above projects, and putting my CV out into the ether a million times over and then dealing with the resulting calls from job agencies – there have been some wonderful people who are really helpful and want to help and there have been those who’ve just taken the barest bones details and tried half-arsed that I’ve never heard from again. It’s an incredibly stressful and sometimes upsetting time, when you find a job you want and then you don’t pass the interview, or someone better came along or whatever it might be. It’s a hard time and it has taken it’s toll on my mental health, that and my own personal deadlines have put a lot of pressure on me.

I am however working, I’m working on the games I said I wanted to make, after this month Dave will be joining me in development work and we’ll be able to make fuller games hopefully, or just make games quicker which will allow us to explore what we may want to do in the next month. I’m working on the audio stuff to show how we come up with game ideas and editing down an 1h30 skype call to 20-25 minutes can be hard at times. I’m working on making myself better and employable, and that doesn’t belong here but it does affect what I can do for the other projects.

So expect some new posts coming soon, there’s a lot of stuff in the hopper coming to fruition soon, but until then thanks for reading, have an awesome day and keep on designing!


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