Yes that’s right, my next classic game being made is Space Invaders! Only we’re going to get rid of all those aliens, replace them with what you might call ‘food’ placed around the screen, and our little tank will be replaced by some sort of reptilian type creature that would be capable of slithering along and eating up all the food…. hmmm.

So yea, Snake is my name game being made, as a matter of fact I’ve already got the base game down pat. Again I’ve used the noobtuts tutorial as a basis for my game, from where they leave off (which is effectively just getting the snake to move) I’m going to be polishing the game, extending it, fixing bugs with what they’ve left behind and a lot more! The good news is that like I said the base game is done, so that’s 25 more days worth of work that can be put into polishing the game. There’s very little bad news so I don’t know why I hinted at that possibility.

In other news I’ve started a C++ online course as taught by the one and only Microsoft. The reason is several fold; I’ve a lot of C++ jobs coming my way either in games or not in games, regardless I know that C++ is the industry standard if you will, hence why I want to move over to UE4 at some point; Also as well as wanting to learn the language, it’s something to add to my CV, something to get my foot in the door so when people look at me they can see I know what I’m doing, I’ve a certificate saying Microsoft effectively taught me!

Other than that, I’ve a couple fun things I want to try out in the pipeline however they require more planning than I’m accustomed to as they involve other people and therefore need to be consulted and agreed upon, not just set in stone for when I want to do it. So do look out for more articles, not a lot more, but just a couple different style ones, not ones just about Snake for a month, as I can understand that the Pong articles may have gotten boring when all you want to do is just try playing the game yourself.

That’s about that, I just wanted to give a little update as it’s been a week since my last post, so this is just touching base to say; The game is underway and going swimmingly, I’m slightly busy with other affairs, but I still know this is a responsibility of mine and I’m keeping at it.

So until I have something more substantial to announce/tell/show-off, thanks for reading, have an awesome day, and keep on designing!


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