It’s not Swedish, Danish, no it’s Finished! This post is on the back of the Menu post which is effectively the final update to the game. There will in fact be another full article about the entire creation process with links to previous blog posts, just explaining major problems encountered and how they were overcome, the individual posts are in depth discussion of how I went over it, this other post will be for my portfolio section of the site. 

The purpose of this post is mainly to provide a short article with a link to the game on my page so that you can play it if you’d like. I’d be very grateful to all who do, if you have feedback hell the more the merrier, But for now I hope you enjoy this revamped version of Pong, with better AI, more options, more feedback, and hopefully a more enjoyable experience.

Now the game has had some issues going to the web build. The exe file works absolutely fine, but for some reason that I can’t pin down, it doesn’t like either the WebPlayer output OR the WebGl output. Both result in a broken menu with minimal feedback or an inability to distinguish buttons due to a lack of text, and in the WebGL output in the game itself the Rackets and Ball are all invisible. So I uploaded the WebPlayer version, to access Single Player :

A) Click the top ‘button’
B) Click the new top ‘button’ again

To access the local Multiplayer experience:

A) Click the top ‘button’
B) Click the middle ‘button’

Sorry for any confusion over this game, it’s rather upsetting that even at this point, the game throws issues my way. However this is the final day of work on the game, it can be something I return to, as there are some small and big things I wouldn’t mind fixing. In order to hopefully rectify anyone’s poor browser experience you can find a link to my Dropbox share for this game (zipped up) right here.

Thanks for reading, have an awesome day and keep designing.


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