Mini Update on Play

I wanted to give a small update before I talk about how I’ve gotten my Pong AI to act smoother. As those who’ve read previous posts on this site will know I’ve 2 main Unity games right now: Pong (written in Javascript) and a procedurally generated platformer  with no title.

Well I had toyed in the past with the idea of giving a download link so people could get a zip file of the games and play it themselves. However due to part of the purpose of this site – to act as a portfolio – I knew not everyone who would be reading would want to go through that effort. It’s all about how I deliver the product to you the reader, not how many jumps you’ll go through to help me or see my work.

In that fashion I decided to set up an profile and to put my games up on there, after all Unity does allow exporting to the web. There are some minor issues however which I’ll detail here before providing the game links (see below).

If you’d like to play my games through your browser, you’ll need to be using
A) The latest unityweb plugin
B) Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera*

In the event a game doesn’t load, there are several simple solutions
A) clear your cache with CCleaner
B) reload the webpage as the game can timeout if the loading is taking too long
C) try another one of the browsers mentioned above.

Now for the games, if you look above there are links to the Pong & ProcGen articles I’ve already written, they’ve been updated with a timestamp at the very bottom, explaining some of the above already. If you’d like to read over them before or after playing please do feel free to, it’d be most kind. If however you just want to play the games look no further!



Happy playing, and as always, thanks for reading this far, have an awesome day and keep designing!

* (you can use Chrome if you’ve certain extensions allowing certain APIs that were removed a while back I believe)


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