Where Are All The Updates?

Today whilst I was doing some work outside of this, I realised that I hadn’t actually posted in a while. This was something I had recognised at the beginning of this little reclusion of mine, so I wanted to address why that was and where I’d been just in case people were interested in how I was getting along with developing my Pong AI (quite well, actually). 

Where have I been?
Well I posted about 10 days ago roughly, since then I’ve actually spent an entire week away with my partner in Cambridge, a truly beautiful city, quite small but still remarkable. I’m a person who likes to feel comfortable, I don’t mind doing things that go against that, but if I’m in charge then comfort is king. Cambridge is a city where I feel constantly comfortable and at ease, it’s a place with a great multinational community (which allows me to show off my incredibly minor language skills), it has some truly great places to eat and drink, and it’s home to a couple of friends of mine which is always nice.

So for the most part, I’ve simply been “AFK”, however I have now returned, and I’ve been busy again with some things outside of this blog here. There have been some professional issues which need my attention and some familial ones that have caused a disrupt. Now games are truly my hobby, so why haven’t I been making them outside of my work hours or outside of my busy schedule.

Well, now we get into what gaming issues have kept me busy and there have been plenty! First of all E3 2016 has been truly a maelstrom of information to take in, personally I believe that Sony have once again stolen the show and that EA are dug their way out of being the worst company in the world a-la 2008 and that torch has been passed on *cough cough*. It’s Friday, 2 days past the major shows of E3 and I’ve only now just caught up on “all” the information that’s come out. What else has had my gaming eye occupied? Well in all honesty it’s been something far-removed from video games, and that’s old school pen & paper RPGs. I work 4 days a week, and on my 3 empty days I now have 3 entirely separate RPGs on-going, Pathfinder, D&D 5th Ed. & a homebrew game built off the D100 system.

This RPG madness does though address something I’d like to talk about which is hobby gaming. Hobby gaming is an up and coming sector of games in general, there’s been a big boom and hopefully that continues, and I’ve been riding that boom trying to find what I love. Board games are excellent, Magic is truly challenging and deep but eats up far too much of my wallet, and RPGs are encaptivating Sirens of the gaming deep. I’ve been interested in making video games since a family friend told me at a restaurant in a home town at the age of maybe 8 that you could just “write” a video game (obviously it’s more complex). At a similar age when I liked warhammer but knew nothing of how to play it, just the make-believe I’d invented, a family friend who knew far too much about military history, tolkien, and D&D told me that he’d created his own RPG system, this started my fascination with hobby gaming.

Now I love both sides of my interests equally, fun changes with moods, and wants, and outside stimuli, so I could never put one of them first. I would like however to tell you all that not only am I interested in making video games, but hobby gaming isn’t safe either from my hands.

Finally, one more thing has kept me busy of late, but this time it relates to making the games I’ve promised myself. I’ve a good gaming friend of mine who’s done a little coding in HTML and he’s also someone for whom I DM on Fridays. He’s told me he’d be interested in coding and so I offered for him to join my team, not right away mind you, but in time. The current plan is as follows: once I’ve released a handful of games and am comfortable with the basics, he’ll be added to my team to take care of the basics and learn himself, whilst I tackle bigger challenges I’ve not faced yet. This should mean that in a couple months, I’ll be able to release games in a shorter time period, or at least not have to worry about taking a weeks holiday. Secondly however I ran into an old school friend who’s come back from his University course of Music Design, we spoke about working together to help him build his portfolio whilst I do this, and as of now, I have a Sound Designer for the games we make. The games are simple yes, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t room for him to work his magic. I very much look forward to working with both of them, and I hope that it only helps to bolster the work done through here.

Thank you for reading, thank you for your patience, have an awesome day and keep designing!


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