Hello and welcome to BearZerkCoding. Due to this being the very first post ever on this site I figured it best to talk about goals, and I don’t mean the football variety.

So first of all the purpose of this site is to act as a development blog, sharing platform and portfolio for the games that I code. I also plan somewhere down the line to do some research by using subjects from online gaming forums to help fill out questionnaires and other research methods.

That’s the purpose of this site, so who am I then? Well I’m a recent graduate from the university of Nottingham’s school of Computer Science. Like many Comp-Sci students, grads and enthusiasts I’m ridiculously into gaming of all varieties and self confessed nerd. Currently however I’m working in a very customer facing role in the retail industry and using my spare-time to create old classic video games, which leads me to my next point.

The goal of this site, is mainly the documentation of my process and learning experiences in coding games. It’s something I’ve had a variety of practice with, from reading design and development books such as ‘Game Design Workshop’, ‘ Rules of Play’ and ‘Level UP!’. I have also written and extended several games such as Brick Breaker in Python, a simple Platformer in C++, a procedurally generated rogue-like in Unity’s C# for my dissertation, and Pong in Unity’s Javascript.

That brings us to now, the coding and extension of classic games in order to improve my coding skills and knowledge of the Unity framework. It started with my personal game design/development diary:

In order to improve my skills, I want to make several classical games, where the rules are known, the style is iconic and they’re all playable to just about all.

I want to make my own game one day, I want to know I could lead a team, hell maybe a studio. I want that for me, and I want what’s made to be fun for others. I want my games to be fun, to inspire, to cause smiles and stories that are shared between those who play. I want to be able to stand on stage one day and tell others it’s possible because I did it, despite what others said, and despite what I told myself, and what I left myself believe

I’m going to develop classic games, to build my skills. I want to be able to make one game per month at least. I want to do that until I’m able to try bigger games and my own ideas. By that time I hope to be able to have pulled together a small decent team that share my goal.

Now I don’t want this first post to go on too long, but I feel that gives the gist of who I am and what I’m trying to accomplish here. So until my next post keep on designing, have an awesome day, and thanks for reading.


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